Vehicle signage is an excellent way of getting more exposure for your business brand!

When company vehicles are being driven around, they will advertise your business to motorists and pedestrians. Think about how often you are in your car – to and from work, on the weekends, to the supermarket – and even if you’re not in yours, you see plenty of cars driving past! The opportunities for exposure of your brand are constant when using vehicles as a form of advertising – and this means you need to make the most of your vehicle! For starters, view your car signage as an investment in your business, whether it’s a fleet of trucks, or just one or two cars. The impressions that you will get daily from just one car have value as a potential business and therefore income!

Secondly, when it comes to car graphics, the old ‘less is more’ definitely applies. Whilst your car will sometimes be parked allowing every detail to be read, while you’re on the move you need your key information to stand out. Avoid intricate design work behind your phone and website for example – people are far more likely to be able to jot down (or even remember) your number if it’s clear and easy to see. And finally, avoid using dark image colours on dark vehicles. The most effective design needs vibrant colors with vivid contrasts.