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We’re a design agency mainly focused on Custom Branding, Brand Strategy and Marketing, based in Queensland Australia.


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What do you dream of for your business?

Whether you are about to launch something new, or you’re reinvigorating an existing company, you have the opportunity to create something really special to create a business that is your heart.

We assist entrepreneur and established business every day to develop their stories and expand their visibility through carefully curated designs that keep the message simple and significant bringing a targeted cohesive presence to life.

Our job is to elevate your brand, enchant your audience and create a business that really works for you with a brand you love.



Are you new to this and looking to create a logo, stunning branding, professional materials and perhaps a website for your new startup. Want to attract more clients to your business with fresh and exciting marketing material or even update your tired-looking brand. Or are you looking to partner with a talented design team to create jaw-dropping print and online marketing material for your clients?

 Logo Design, Brand Identity, Corporate Design & Branding, Style Guides, Social Media, Signage… you name it we can make it happen for you! Small Business, Products, Personal, Professional, Corporate, Promotional materials, Seasonal, projects, Direct to Garment Printing, Heat Press.



Finding the creative solution the fits your business is more than making it look great it’s about understanding the challenges you face and continually looking at design ideas to give your business the edge.

Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, Stationary, Signage, Catalogues, Packaging, Apparel, Postcards, Print Marketing, Offset + Digital Printing, Advertising, Book Covers, Presentations, Powerpoint, Interactive Presentations, Content, Graphics, Templates, Full Presentations.,  Magazines, Travel Photobook, Cook Books, Invitations, Annual Reports, Posters, Banners.



Having a website alone is not enough to improve your sales and revenue by reaching a global market. In order to attract traffic to your website, it’s crucial that you give them a great experience. Once you have visitors to your site, you can then work on how to make them stay longer and increase your conversions.

One way to do this is to ensure that your web design is not only visually appealing but also engaging and connects to your social tribe with the right brand voice. Pictures and images provide a cognitive context through which people can explore and understand their world. They frame and shape daily life. By considering the techniques and systems that inform visual displays, and examine how cultural values and traditions shape particular visual styles.

Images should be emotive to have some kind of emotional impact on your viewer. Not all images must contain a human element to be emotionally moving; rather it could be anything from a landscape to a still life.

The images should evoke strong emotional feeling in the viewer’s psyche. The images should be thoughtfully layered with meaning. This is how you engage your viewer’s attention for a longer period of time.

WordPress, Squarespace, Mobirise, Wix, Shopify, Muse, Social Media, Content, Digital Promotions, Course Materials. Social Media –  Facebook, Instagram, Websites, Twitter, Pinterest, Styling, Content.

04. Printing

Swadoca Media provides a vast range of top quality print solutions at very competitive prices. We specialise in on-demand printing from small to large print runs, including indoor and outdoor signage. Offering offset printing, digital printing and a range of unique printing services including T‐Shirts and outdoor signs and stickers laser cut to any size and shape. 

Think BIG – large format printing for all your business and personal needs. Make an impression and stand out from the rest with poster advertising to a pull‐up banner and everything in between. 

We can print anything from detailed architectural plans to brilliant high colour banners and posters.

If you have an urgent turn‐around time, we will look after you. If you are looking for a print service not listed here please ask us!

 Poster Printing, Large Format Printing, Banner Printing, Plan Printing, Vinyl Stickers, Lightbox Media, Corflute Printing, Outdoor Solutions, Canvas Printing, Pull-up Banners, Foam Core Printing, Flexible Media, Hard Board Prints, Indoor Solutions, Signage, Wall Art, Wallpaper, Decals, Canvas Prints, Wraps,   Vehicle Wraps, Custom Decor, Promotional Material, Stickers, Packaging, Labels, Wine Labels, Product Stickers, Apparel, Direct to Garment Printing.

05. Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions tailored to your needs, not sure what you need or simply have an idea you want to bring to life?

Contact us and we make that dream idea come to life… The only limit is …there is no limit!

Wall Art, Wallpaper, Decals, Canvas Prints, Wraps, Signage, Banners, Pull Up Exibition Banners,  Vehicle Wraps, Custom Decor, Promotional Material, Stickers, Packaging, Labels, Wine Labels, Product Stickers, Apparel, Direct to Garment Printing, Large Format Printing.

Custom Design Experience


Make an impression, and immerse yourself in a collaborative design process,

that is seamless and produces one of a kind results.

Brighten up your world with Large Format Printing…

Private Label Design Services


YOUR BRAND; our private label team

Growing your business requires new clients.

New clients mean more work, which means increased staff.

You know the value of providing managed services, but do you have the time, manpower or is it’s even outside your companies current skill set?

Swadoca Media makes it easy for you to serve new clients without needing to increase your staff, by easily collaborating with us.

Here’s how our private-label team professionally works under your brand and with you, never in direct contact with your clients that’s why we call it private.

Our in-house services help you take care of your clients, under your brand or label.

Swadoca Media has pioneered a Do-it-With-YOU approach, working alongside your team and directly with you collaborating on a level you are comfortable with on your terms. Our team does the heavy-lifting, while you keep your clients involved in as much (or as little) as you need.

Providing additional services can deepen relationships with clients and create lucrative revenue streams for your business.

With our agency services, you’ll be able to charge for premium services like Graphic Design, Branding, Print Media, Digital Media, Web Development, Social Media, Marketing, Advertising, Large Format Printing, Decor, and Custom Solutions without sapping your internal resources or building costly infrastructure to offer a full range of services.

Is Private Lable for you…if your not sure why not have a chat about how we can help you grow.

Identifying your Truth…

What’s your TRUTH?


The reason I say this is because to me this is the most important part of the journey you are embarking on identifying “Who you are and why you started your business?”

Can you describe the unique value you offer that not only grabs your audience’s attention but shows your heart?

Whether you’re launching your first business or taking your current company to the next level, take the time to put the foundational pieces of your brand in place.

You may have been told that this core truth is something to fear or be ashamed of…that is not true.

What’s true is the experience you bring and the heart of the real, human person you are.

This becomes the driving force behind creating amazing visuals,
and with these two very simple questions we get a clear picture of where to begin, “Why are you in business?” and “How do you intend to thrive?”

As Brand Strategist and Personal Branding Coaches, we work with purpose-driven, entrepreneurs, like you, who are reinventing themselves and starting or growing a business that they’re passionate about.

Working with us is fun, energizing, inspiring and ultimately, gives you the brand clarity you need to up-level your business.

Work with us 1-on-1 be part of our online community and let’s get to the heart of your brand.

Gotta be inspired


Inspiration drives us. When we’re inspired, we’re on fire.  We realized through our years in business that advertising and marketing were anything…so, why not do one of the things that inspire us most?  Branding! Our passion for our own brand became our job, marketing global brands including McGrath, BWS, IHG, Grove Juice and Outrigger has been the realization of our dream of having an agency that made others stronger and more successful.

 let’s work together on your next project… 


 Is your social brand share-worthy? 

Is your brand part of your consumer’s journey?

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Here at Swadoca Media, our specialty is Brand Strategy & Personal Branding Coaching. We help professional and creative entrepreneurs identify, define and clarify the truth behind your WHY. By building strong foundations, connecting the dot’s for brand success with strategies to grow their dream business with a holistic brand they love and want to share with the world.

Our goal is to empower you with the clarity, inspiration, and confidence you need to create an authentic brand that you love that also leverages your expertise, expresses your mission and captivates your audience so that you can build and grow the business of your dreams.

Here’s what I know so far: You’re a professional or creative entrepreneur who’s already had one career. You want to focus your energy on doing what you love.

Being your own boss will you the freedom of a 9-5 “job” sounds great right? and your great at what you do…but marketing yourself is another story? Helping you not feel overwhelmed is what we love to do.

Communicating your brand with clarity is essential to attracting your dream clients. You know it, we all know it. So, let’s do it.

Because I know you, and nothing’s gonna stop you from creating a business that matters.

Swadoca Media is a full-service custom branding and design agency.

Keeping it simple, but significant is at our core. Why you ask…

Because everything you do today from digital, print, signs or social is communicating your brand story to your audience and getting lost in the noise is easy.  Sound familiar?

That’s why #KISS is at the core of our process, keeping it simple, but significant in its message means you get seen and heard.

The studio is on the beautiful Gold Coast with clients both in Australia and Internationally. Our skills cover Graphic Design, Branding, Print Media, Digital Media, Web Development, Social Media, Marketing, DTG, Advertising, Large Format Printing, Custom Solutions.

We build working strategies through powerful insight to create transformative design & branding experiences with you at the heart, a relationship with you and your brand that sees beyond tomorrow.



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Vehicle signage!

Vehicle signage is an excellent way of getting more exposure for your business brand!

When company vehicles are being driven around, they will advertise your business to motorists and pedestrians. Think about how often you are in your car – to and from work, on the weekends, to the supermarket – and even if you’re not in yours, you see plenty of cars driving past! The opportunities for exposure of your brand are constant when using vehicles as a form of advertising – and this means you need to make the most of your vehicle! For starters, view your car signage as an investment in your business, whether it’s a fleet of trucks, or just one or two cars. The impressions that you will get daily from just one car have value as a potential business and therefore income!

Secondly, when it comes to car graphics, the old ‘less is more’ definitely applies. Whilst your car will sometimes be parked allowing every detail to be read, while you’re on the move you need your key information to stand out. Avoid intricate design work behind your phone and website for example – people are far more likely to be able to jot down (or even remember) your number if it’s clear and easy to see. And finally, avoid using dark image colours on dark vehicles. The most effective design needs vibrant colors with vivid contrasts.

What’s in a Brand? How to Define Your Visual Identity

A bad first impression is hard to shake, especially when you’re competing against millions of contenders online. Princeton researchers found that within 0.1 seconds, people form judgments about the likeability, trustworthiness, competence, attractiveness, and aggressiveness of faces in photos they were shown. What judgment will people form about your brand in the first 0.1 second of exposure?

“With that reaction time,” stated marketing expert Leonard Kim, “you need a clean and crisp visual representation of your brand. Otherwise, people may associate your brand with being cheap, unreliable, or even untrustworthy.”

It’s clear a strong visual identity is important, but what exactly is a visual identity? And how do you create one?

Understanding Visual Identity

Your visual identity comprises your logo, imagery, typography, colors, and creative design. It’s easy enough to list them out, but how do you get to the heart of how these elements communicate to your customers who you are, what you stand for, and why they should be loyal to you?

Your brand’s visual identity is its style,  Does your brand strut down the street, flinging long blonde hair and rocking a peacock feather jacket, or does it somberly stroll in a well-tailored suit? Maybe you decided—instantly—that the peacock persona was wild and fun, while the well-tailored suit was competent and mature. That’s a first impression working its magic.

If you are building your visual identity from the ground up, it’s recommended collecting inspiration from all over. Take pictures. Gather postcards. Go to Pinterest and make a mood board. There’s so much value already out there that you don’t have to re-create the wheel. Take notes on what you like about existing brands and what you don’t like.

“Knowing your audience is really important,”

“Decide how you want to resonate with them and continually tie that back to your core values.”

The key,  is to start from what you know and believe strongly, and let your brand evolve from a core, unwavering understanding of your mission. “Even if it’s just your name in a simple typeface, you can build from there,”

“Your visual identity can mature with a symbol or icon later. And maybe sometimes it’s good to give your brand some time to resonate, find its path forward, and understand where your end goal is.”

Keep in mind, “It’s good to be aspirational and absorb all the intricate and detailed logos out there, but in the end you just need a starting point. That may be a consistent way to represent yourself in a color, a typeface, or even just an icon. Ask yourself, ‘How is my brand going to be powerful and effective but still be simple?’ And when you’re developing your visual identity, always drive what you’re doing back to your mission to keep your brand on track.”

As you’re developing the components of your visual identity (color, logo, type, and imagery), test the evolving identity against these questions from Kim, who has been recognized by Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur as a top marketing influencer:

  • Am I portraying a trustworthy environment?
  • Am I providing immediate value to my customer?
  • What can I do to get them to want to learn and discover more about my brand?
  • How can I communicate my message with the least amount of words?
  • What words can I translate into images?
  • How minimalistic can I be and still deliver the message that I want to convey?


Consistency And Velocity Are Key

While visual identity aims to create an emotional connection with a customer, “it’s just the initial catch,”

“Once you’ve caught the customer’s attention, the ability to retain him means being clear on the value you deliver and consistently delivering on your promises.”

Value can come in many forms: customer service, the product you deliver, or the content you create that engages your audience.

The next step is to carry the experience from end to end. “We’re trying to empower our users to create visual brand consistency,”

“We know that it can be difficult to keep up with the velocity that today’s social media environment demands.”